Our Family Roots


Ray Simburger bought a brand new Ford F-100 pickup truck to make furniture deliveries from his shop, White’s Furniture Store in Mt. Olive, IL (it was decided that the White name would be used because Ray’s father-in-law, Dick White, was the chief financier). Ray had already been in business for 15 years (since 1948) before he had the money to purchase a new truck. Kevin still remembers riding in it as a kid to make furniture deliveries with his father. He would eventually learn how to drive a standard transmission in it, using the “three on the tree” gear shifter. Tragically, in 1967, Ray passed away from a stomach illness when Kevin was only 8 years old. The green truck was now a connection to the memory of his father. The most special moment came in July 1969, when Kevin watched Apollo 11 launch into space from the bed of the truck. In 1972, Kevin’s mother sold the truck to his brother who had just returned from serving in Vietnam, who in turn sold it to Kevin in 1984 to keep as a memento. Time passed and the old truck sat in a barn. The iron curtain fell. The Clinton Administration came and went. The Bulls won 6 NBA championships. The new millennium dawned. Then in 2002, Kevin dusted off the old green truck. On the side, faded from decades of weather, the sign for the furniture store, long ago closed, was still visible. Kevin and his son Jon had been talking for years about starting a family business. But first, the old green truck would go through a three year complete rebuild and restoration. When it was finished in 2005 and the tires rolled back out onto public roads, Sim’s Awesome Moving Company was born (the abbreviated “Sim” was used because that was Kevin’s nickname among colleagues). Since then, each family member has contributed their time, talent and energy in different seasons to take the company to the next level. Kevin’s son-in-law Josh joined Kevin and Jon in the beginning to found the company. Kevin’s daughter Elisha was a formative influence in the company’s marketing and administration before transitioning to another career in community organization. Kevin’s wife Janice manually calculated payroll reports before we had software to do so, as well as built the packing program from the ground up. Just like Ray, years of hard and careful work were invested before we could afford nicer trucks. In 2016, Josh left the company to focus on his career as a teacher, and Nick (Jon’s childhood friend) was welcomed to the team of owners. Together we’re proud to carry on the family business tradition in a way that honors God and our community. We know Ray would be proud too.

Our Mission

Provide safe, affordable and family-friendly moving services to southern Illinois and beyond.

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